Cyprus Tax System

Cyprus Tax System Since 1961 Cyprus has been an independent country after the United Kingdom permitted it to separate and form a sovereign state. From the time of its independence Cyprus has become a developed commonwealth with a stable and strong economy and has become part of the European Union with the adoption of the Euro as its currency.

Budget your Money

How to Budget your Money One of the powerful tools in life, if we know how to make it work for us, is money. Many of us work hard for our money but the fact that a majority of us do not keep track of this same money once it reaches our bank account is a reality.

Money Tips

Money Tips 1) If you don’t have it, don’t spend it The most important thing is to spend less than what you make. Don’t be taken in by the ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes that many companies promote.

Laws of Money

Laws of Money Money has become essential in our lives in society today. Without money we cannot purchase the nice things we like or pay for the roof over our head in which to keep all of our nice things.

Money Management

Money Management for our Children Money management begins at home. Passing on money management knowledge to our children from an early age will be beneficial to them as well as to you. Money management is a vital part of life.