Laws of Money

Money has become essential in our lives in society today. Without money we cannot purchase the nice things we like or pay for the roof over our head in which to keep all of our nice things. There are some universal laws in regards to money which when followed can result in money flowing towards you in abundance.

Law of Abundance
We live in a time where there is enough money for anyone who wants it and who follow the laws that govern its acquisition.

People become wealthy because they decide to become wealthy and because they believe they have the ability to do so. This believe enables them to act accordingly and consistently take steps to turn their beliefs into a reality.

Honestly analyse yourself to find the largest block that you have that holds you back in the belief that you can become more financially successful. Once you have determined and understood this block, continue forward as though this block does not exist.

Law of Exchange
We acquire goods and services through the exchange of money.

Money is the gauge in which we determine the value of people, products and services. The labour that you do is considered to be a cost by others. The quantity of money that you will receive for the work you do will be in relation to the work that you do as well as how well you do this work and the potential difficulty of replacing you.

To ensure the increase of money that you receive you need to increase the amount and value of the work that you put in.

Law of Capital
The most valuable asset for anyone is their physical and mental capital (earning ability) in terms of cash flow.
Your time is the most precious resource that you have and the only thing that you really have to sell. How much time and how much of yourself that you put into that time will generally determine the earning capability that you have. If your time and/or money is invested in increasing your knowledge and improving your skills you can increase your value.

Commit yourself to building on your intellectual capital. Continually strive to build on your professional and personal development.

Law of Time Perspective
Those people who are able to think in terms of a long time period are the most successful.

Those people who are able to think in the terms of a long time perspective are more than willing to pay the price of success for as long as it takes to achieve it. They take into consideration the consequences of their actions and choices and what they may entail up to as much as 20 years from now. To develop a long time perspective you need to be able to sacrifice in the short term to enable enjoyment of the rewards in the long term.

One of the most important personal qualities that a person will need to ensure long term success is self-discipline. The continuous investment of your time and money into improving oneself almost virtually guarantees your success for the future.

Law of Savings
People who save 10 percent of their monthly income find that financial freedom comes to them.

Once you have forced yourself to pay yourself first and live on the 90 percent of income that you have left you will find that you become accustomed to it and do not notice that you are this 10 percent short each month. Regular savings will change your financial life considerably.

Research money and become a student of money. Understand and know what you are doing so you can make smart choices when it comes to investing your money.

These laws of money will assist you in obtaining your financial independence. It is never too late to start thinking about and saving towards this future. If you persist long and hard enough you will find that there is nothing that can stop you achieving financial success.

There are a number of other money laws that are ideal for you to remember when working towards building your financial future. These are:-

Law of Conservation
Parkinson’s Law
Law of Three
Law of Investing
Law of Compound Interest
Law of Accumulation
Law of Magnetism
Law of Accelerating Acceleration